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Image Processing Solution

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아이콘HGS-1050X High Speed MICR Scanner


feature - 고성능 최신 프로세스 탑재 - 고효율 이미지처리방식 지원 - 200dpi~600dpi 해상도 지원 - B/W 이미지에서 24bit 컬러까지 스캔 - 분당 최고 100매의 양면 컬러 스캔 - MICR 기본대응(E13B & CMC7) - Multi-size 대응 메커니즘 - 잉크젯 배서기능 지원 - 두꺼운 용지 처리를 위해 직선경로(Straight path) - 주민등록증 등의 플라스틱 카드(0.7~0.8mm)의 양면스캔기능 - 위조수표 감별기능(MR/UV/IR)


▶ Scanner

Image sensor Dual CIS(Contact Image Sensor) Resolution 200dpi to 600dpi (mono or color)
Pixel composition B/W, 16 & 256gray, 24bit color Scan height 220mm(effective area215mm)
Speed Max 100dpm(A4/duplex/color) Scan area 54mm ~ 215mm (width), Max 350mm(length)
Output image format bmp / jpg, tiff (compressed in PC)

▶ MICR Reader

E13B read rate 99.50% CMC7 read rate 99.90%

▶ Others

Endorse printer Inkjet 12 pin (optional) Stacker 1 Pocket
Stacker capacity Max 500 sheets Hopper capacity Max 500 sheets
Feeder type ADF and Retard roller type Straight feeding Card & Thick paper scan(0.15mm~0.8mm)
Printer location After scanning Double detection Ultra sonic double detection
Color drop Red/Green/Blue drop

▶ Interface & Power

Communication High speed USB 2.0 Power Free voltage(100V~240V, 50/60Hz)

▶ Physical

Size 350mm(W) *300mm(H) *420mm(L) Weight 11kg (approx)

▶ Environmental

Operation temperature O℃ ~ 45℃ Operation humidity 5 ~ 90%RH, non condensing
Storage temperature -20℃~ 70℃ Storage humidity 5 ~ 95%RH, non condensing

▶ Option

위조수표감별기능 MR/UV/IR 3특성 검출방식