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Banking Automation

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아이콘HFCPM Bundle Check Processing Module


feature - Dual CIS 채용으로 수표 스캔 가능 - MICR 문자(E13B 또는 CMC7) 인식가능 - 수표 1회 최대 입금 매수 30매 - 수표 최대 30매 일시집적 기능 구현 - 잉크젯 프린터를 이용한 배서 기능 구현


Item Specifications Remarks
Dimension 215(W) x 730(D) x 308(H) mm
Weight 15kg (approx.)
Check Size Width : 120 ~ 225mm
Height : 63.5 ~ 109mm
Thickness : 0.07 ~ 0.12mm
Transaction Speed 600mm/sec. at 200dpi, 256Gray
Image Sensor Dual CIS (Contact Image Sensor)
Image Capture 200, 300dpi with B/W, Gray Optional UV Scanner (only Front)
200dpi with 24bit Color
Scan Height (Width) Max. 108mm
Scan Length 120 ~ 225mm
Output image format BMP, Jpeg, Tiff
MICR CMC7, E13B by Magnetic recognition
MICR rate 99.50%
Automatic Skew Aligner Yes
Double Feed Detection Yes By Ultra sonic
Inlet Detection Yes
Staple Detection Yes Option
Auto Crop Yes
Endorsement Printing Yes (Inkjet HP C6602A)
Inlet shutter Yes (Automatic)
Deposit in Bundle 30 checks (The bunch shall be taken in a shutter)
Escrow section 30 checks
Reject function Yes
Retract function Yes (30 checks)
Stacker Secure Cassette type (1,500 check max capacity)
Interface USB 2.0 High Speed
Input Voltage DC 24V (± 10%)