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아이콘SpeeNote Series


feature SpeeNote Series deposit system is cash deposit only system designed for small retail shop, supermarket, restaurant and etc. This machine is equipped with cash deposit module, controller, LCD display, softback stack-bag and thermal printer. Also this machine can perform deposit, scanning, verifying cashes with magnetic sensors and RGB, IR, UV optical sensors, detecting counterfeit, faked , polluted, folded notes.


Parts and Functions Spec. Remarks
USER Interface Display 15inch LCD Color
Resolution 1024 x 768
Touch Screen IR Touch Screen
Printer Unit Printer Method 3inch Thermal Line Printer
Print Speed 200mm/sec (600 dots line/sec)
Receipt Capacity Max 80mm Φ Diameter
Control Unit CPU ATOM Dual Core D2550(1.86GHz) Subject to change
Memory DDR3 SDRAM 4GB memory
Storage 2.5” HDD SATA2 500GB
O/S Windows 7
Deposit Unit Available Notes KWN, RMB, Gift Ticket
SNR Support 100 RMB full text and images
Gift Ticket barcode full text and images
Type of Counting Real time Cash Accept and Reject
Sensors MR, IR, UV, Image Analysis
Speed Max 10 notes/sec
Stack Capacity Max 10,000 notes
Type of Stacking Free Air Stack Bag(lockable)
Hopper Capacity Max 200 notes (new notes) 1 time max capacity
Escrow Yes (Shutter Escrow)
Envelop Deposit Yes(Box Drop or Shutter Escrow )
Other Devices Camera Yes (Face)
Speaker Yes
Option Device Card Reader(EMV)
RF Reader
Barcode Reader
System Coin Deposit System Optional