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Special Device

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kcd 100

kcd 100

feature - KCD-100 is based on development Korea Minting & Security
  Printing Corporation's "anti-forgery technology" and "bill
  recognition module technology"
- Counterfeit identification in 10, 50 thousand won bills and
  check of four kinds
- Inquire accident check through RS-232C communication
  and MICR reading(Via VAN)
- Analysis algorithms of IR, UV, MG, MICR and the best in


▶ General

Handling currency (Korea) sheets 10,000 Won, 50,000 Won, Check(4 kinds)
Voucher of Shinsegae department
Check speed 1sheet/sec (One-by-one single feed)
Feeder type Automatic friction roller Check sensor Bank note : IR/UV/MG
Display Mono LCD, LED(G,R,Y) Currency size(width) Bank note (68mm) & Check (71mm)
Currency selecting function Auto
Communication RS-232C Size 117mm(W) * 70mm(H) * 160mm(L)
Power DC 12V 750mA Weight 540g (approx)
Operation temperature O℃ ~ 45℃ Operation humidity 5 ~ 90%RH, non condensing
Storage temperature -20℃~ 70℃ Storage humidity 5 ~ 95%RH, non condensing