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Banking Automation

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아이콘HFCS BUS Fare Collection System


feature - Direct Thermal Printing - Above 6 coins/sec Accepting Speed - Above 10 coins/sec Dispensing Speed - Max 1.7 notes/sec Accepting Speed - Barcode Reader Option


Parts and Functions Spec
Printer Unit Type Direct Thermal
Sensor Near-End, Mark, Exit
Coin Accepter Speed Max 6 coins/sec
Stack Capacity Max 1,000 coins
Escrow Capacity Max 50 coins
Sensor Full
Shutter Yes
Coin Dispenser Coin Dispensing Speed Max 10 coins/sec
Coin Loading Capacity Max 250 Coins
Sensor Near-End
Bill Accepter Check Direction 4Ways
Accept Rate 96% or hight on first insertion
Speed Max 1.7 notes/sec
Barcode Reader Type 1D, 2D
Control Unit OS Embedded B/D
RF Reader NFC Dummy Dongle
Power DC to DC converter