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Banking Automation

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feature - Cassette Type - Front Service Type - Max 2,000 notes Capacity - Max 100 notes Reject Capacity - Above 5 note/sec Dispensing Speed - Dual CIS Scan (Option) - Korean Won, USA dollar, Canadian dollar and Others - Cassette extension : Max. 4cassettes


▶ General

CPU STM32F103 제품형태 Cassette Type
Maintenance Type Front service type Note Loading Type Cassette Replacement
Cash Dispensing Speed Above 5 notes/sec Cassette capacity for cash Max 2,000 notes
Reject Box Capacity Max 100 notes Scanning Device Dual CIS Option
Available Note Type Korean Won, USA dollar, Canadian dollar and Others Detection Double / Skew / Length / Folding
Note Separation Friction roller Note Stacking Free Air
Locker Yes

▶ Interface & Power

Communication RS-233C Async / USB 2.0 (CIS OPTION) Power DC24V, 2V

▶ Physical

(2cassette standard)
293mm(W)*417mm(H)*422mm(D) Weight
(2cassette standard)
Approx 8kg