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Banking Automation

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hcdm 1500

hcdm 1500

feature - Single Body Cash Dispenser - Direct Loading Type - Max 1,000 notes Capacity - Max 100 notes Reject Capacity - Above 2 notes/sec Dispensing Speed - Korean Won, USA dollar, Canadian dollar and Others


▶ General

CPU ARM-7 Cassette Type Single body dispenser
(Cassette and Dispenser)
Maintenance Type Front service type Note Loading Type Direct loading after upper cover open
Cash Dispensing Speed Above 2 notes/sec Cash Loading Capacity Maximum 1,000 notes
Reject Box Capacity Maximum 100 notes Available Note Type Korean Won, USA dollar, Canadian dollar and Others
Detection Double / Skew / Length / Folding Note Separation Friction roller(Gage roller)
Note Stacking Free air Locker Yes(Reject Box)

▶ Interface & Power

Communication RS-232C Async Power DC24V, 5V

▶ Physical

Size 250mm(W)*220mm(H)*360mm(D) Weight Approx 5kg