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feature Flexible Multi-purpose ATM Solution "JV5000" is flexible shutter type VAN-CD for domestic users.

The device offers a high visual efficiency and intensive applications through elegant design which is based on multi-function of ATM and concept of banking KIOSK.

Parts and Functions Spec. Remarks
Customer Access Part Display 15” TFT LCD Color
Input Method IR Touch Screen, 16 Function Key Reinforced Glass
T-DES encryption, living waterproof
Card Part Card reader Type Dip or Motor driven Type
IC Yes EMV2000 Ver.4.0
Receipt Printer Part Paper / Capacity 3” / over 1,600 transactions
Printing Type Direct Thermal Available on Ticket Printing
Journal Electronic Journal(HDD)
Dispenser Cassette Capacity Max 2,000 notes
Cassette Extension Yes (Max 3 Cassette Available) Max 6,000 notes
Dispensing Capacity / time Max 100 notes / 1 transaction
Dispensing Speed Max 5 notes / sec
Forgotten Note Retraction Yes (DUMP)
Customer Access Shutter Type
Installation Size(mm) 450(W) * 680(D) * 1350(H)
Weight Approx 200 kg
Service Direction Front Service (Front door open space : Min 2cm)
Etc. Voice Yes (Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)
Ear Phone Yes
Camera 2Point (Face, Shutter Access)
Safe mirror Yes(Wide Type)
Topper Yes (LED, LCD Type) Option